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Creating a Cybersecurity Culture at Work. The relevance of security culture is more apparent now than ever before.

The Best Cybersecurity Conferences

The Best Cybersecurity Conferences

Keeping current with industry best practices and technology is critical for corporate and security leaders seeking to implement effective cybersecurity strategies. As a result, we've come up with a list of the 52 top conferences to attend in 2021 all over the world. Whatever your position or objectives, you're bound to find something on this list that interests you!

Next-generation data analytics

For large-scale, next-generation data analytics in support of cybersecurity operations, FloCon provides a venue. There will be a strong focus on bringing cutting-edge techniques to the analysis and visualization of massive datasets in order to safeguard and defend networked systems at FloCon.

Cybersecurity at work

As a result, despite all of the fantastic tools, frameworks, and safeguards in place, we must guarantee that everyone is doing their part to help secure the wider network. Regardless of employees' degree of security knowledge, these fundamental principles can serve as a useful checklist for fostering a cybersecurity culture at work.

What goes up must eventually come down

Today's business environment is incredibly convenient.

We can work from our phones, and bring-your-own-device

BYOD capabilities are extensive, allowing us to work from anyplace with an internet connection. These conveniences aided in the rapid development of security-related technology such as artificial intelligence monitoring capabilities. However, if worries about cybersecurity culture aren't addressed, those meteoric climbs could turn into crashes and craters.

Focus on the basics

Employees must realize that they have security duties for this reason alone. They can handle such tasks in a variety of ways once they've done so. If you encourage your team, demystify security concerns, clearly communicate the repercussions, and focus on the basics, your firm may build a cybersecurity culture rather quickly.

What does it mean to have a cybersecurity culture?

It's organizational behavior 101: you need to set your team up for success, just like any other business function. Over-engineered policies, jargon, and difficult-to-understand or irregular procedures will sabotage your best-laid ideas. Security is a difficult field to work in. It is not for everyone because it has a lot of moving parts. Remember that if your company has poor cyber hygiene and a security-first culture, don't expect one to emerge on its own. If you want to change attitudes, you must do what you teach and maintain effective leadership.

Complex and intelligent conduct

“Complex and intelligent conduct emerges from simple, clear goals and principles. Simple and foolish behavior is the result of complex rules and regulations. Remember that you're looking for buy-in from those who don't view security as a problem, therefore your messaging is crucial. Plans that necessitate lengthy explanations (or, worse, a manual!) will obstruct the development of a cybersecurity culture at work. When installing administrative and physical controls, keep this in mind.